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Project Time Schedule (updated 05.09.2011)9/5/2011191.11 KBDownload1361
Project Fact Sheet (administrative information)8/27/2010524.97 KBDownload1287
Project Article8/19/20111.92 MBDownload1272
Project Reports/Presentations Minimize
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Task 5 Industrial Emission Estimate2/3/20164.70 MBDownload2074
Task 4 Final Report2/3/20161.70 MBDownload1283
OR 46/2014 Modelled Concentrations of Criteria Air Pollutants in Dhaka and Chittagong4/23/20153.17 MBDownload1560
OR 45/2014 Emissions Inventory for Dhaka and Chittagong of Pollutants4/23/20154.04 MBDownload3084
OR 84/2010 Emission Inventory Training Seminar3/27/201512.63 MBDownload1314
OR 62/2010 Mission 1 Report Dhaka, 27 July – 6 August 20103/27/201513.09 MBDownload1273
OR 53/2013 Task 2: Monitoring and Laboratory Procedures3/27/2015393.18 KBDownload1386
OR 47/2013 BAPMAN Mission 9: Monitoring Station Quality Control and Emissions...3/27/20152.78 MBDownload1692
OR 45/2014 Emissions Inventory for Dhaka and Chittagong of Pollutants3/27/20151.52 MBDownload1444
OR 40/2012 BAPMAN Mission 6: Continuous Air Monitoring Operations...3/27/20152.42 MBDownload1541
OR 36/2011 BAPMAN Mission 3: AirQUIS Installation & Training3/27/20151.41 MBDownload1336
OR 33/2013 Bangladesh Air Pollution Management (BAPMAN)3/27/20154.92 MBDownload1557
OR 28/2011 Ambient Air Pollution Screening Study in Dhaka3/27/201516.62 MBDownload2365
OR 26/2012 BAPMAN Mission 5: Continuous Air Monitoring Operations...3/27/20156.77 MBDownload1587
OR 19/2010 Air Quality Management and Monitoring Seminar3/27/20151.52 MBDownload1444
OR 17/2014 Activity segment 4. BAPMAN Project Deliverable D4.2, D4.3 and D4.43/27/2015881.91 KBDownload1865
OR 14/2014 BAPMAN Training Seminar: Advanced Air Quality Management and Health Impacts3/27/20154.80 MBDownload2276
OR 12/2012 BAPMAN Mission 4: Project Planning and Further AQ Screening3/27/20154.48 MBDownload1809
OR 9/2014 BAPMAN Training Seminar: Advanced Air Quality Management and Health Impacts3/27/20151.24 MBDownload1239
OR 3/2011 Top-down assessment of air pollution and GHGs for Dhaka, Bangladesh3/27/20152.70 MBDownload1193
OR 1/2012 Emission Inventory and Dispersion Modelling Training Seminar NILU, 10-21 January 20123/27/20151.52 MBDownload1444
BAPMAN Workshop Presentations (DoE, 29 May 2012)6/7/20124.87 MBDownload1924
BAPMAN. Ambient Air Pollution Screening Study in Dhaka8/4/201116.62 MBDownload2365
BAPMAN Emission Inventory Training Seminar, NILU, 25 - 29 October 20101/28/201112.63 MBDownload3174
BAPMAN. Air quality management and monitoring seminar. Dhaka, 3 August 2010.10/18/2010UnknownDownload1470
Catalog of Related Bangladesh Air Quality Publications (this list is periodically updated) Minimize
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(2012) Spatial Distribution of PM concentrations in Dhaka CityCASE ProjectAir QualityDownload873
(2012) Simulation of urban and regional air pollution in BangladeshMuntaseer, et al.DispersionDownload955
(2011) Top-down Assessment of Air Pollution and GHGs for Dhaka, BangladeshRandall, S.EmissionsDownload1190
(2011) Introducing Energy-efficient Clean Technologies in the Brick Sector of BangladeshThe World BankIndustry EmissionsDownload2048
(2011) Compressed Natural Gas Conversion of Motor Vehicles in Dhaka: Valuation of the Co-benefitsWadud, Z. et al.Traffic EmissionsDownload1464
(2011) Assessment of acid deposition over Dhaka division using CAMx-MM5 modeling system Iqbal, A et al.EmissionsDownload1789
(2011) Ambient Air Pollution Screening Study in DhakaRandall, S. et al.Air QualityDownload2822
(2010) Trend And Spatial Distribution Of Air Particulate Matter Pollution In Dhaka CityBegum, B.A. et al.EmissionsDownload1494
(2010) Key issues in controlling air pollutants in Dhaka, Bangladesh Begum, B.A. et al.AQ ManagementDownload1559
(2010) Integrated assessment of brick kiln emission impacts on air qualityHoang Anh Le, Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh EmissionsDownload1111
(2010) Identification of Sources of Fine and Coarse Particulate Matter in Dhaka, BangladeshBegum, B.A. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload2058
(2009) Source Identification of Chittagong Aerosol by Receptor ModelingBegum, B.A. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1198
(2009) Impact Analysis of Brick Kilns on the Air Quality in Dhaka, BangladeshGuttikunda, S.Industry EmissionsDownload1017
(2009) Characterization And Apportionment Of Sources Of Indoor Air Particulate Matter Of Aecd Campus, DhakaBegum, B.A. et al.Indoor AQDownload1663
(2008) Impact of Brickkiln Pollution on Dhaka CityHossain, I.Industry EmissionsDownload1988
(2008) Global and regional climate changes due to black carbonRamanathan, V. et al.Climate ChangeDownload1416
(2008) Evaluation of emissions and air quality in megacitiesGurjar, B.R. et al.EmissionsDownload1423
(2008) Characteristics of atmospheric trace gases, particulate matter, and heavy metal pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh Salam, A. et al.Air QualityDownload3602
(2007) Improving Kiln Efficiency for the Brick Making Industry in BangladeshUNDPIndustry EmissionsDownload2278
(2006) Who suffers from indoor air pollution? Evidence from BangladeshDasgupta et al.Indoor AQDownload1354
(2006) Trace metal concentrations in street dusts of Dhaka city, Bangladesh Ahmed, F. et al. EmissionsDownload1240
(2006) Temporal variations and spatial distribution of ambient PM2.2 and PM10 concentrations in Dhaka, BangladeshBegum, B.A. et al.EmissionsDownload1447
(2006) Seminar on source apportionment methods.Larssen, S. Source ApportionmentDownload707
(2006) Seminar on network operation and QA/QCMarsteen, L.MonitoringDownload716
(2006) Seminar on conclusions from Mission 1. Dhaka 26 January 2006.Sivertsen, B. et al.AQ ManagementDownload782
(2006) Seminar on air quality management. Dhaka 23 January 2006.Sivertsen, B. et al.AQ ManagementDownload741
(2006) Multi-element analysis and characterization of atmospheric particulate pollution in DhakaBegum, B.A. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1045
(2006) Indoor air quality for poor families: new evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, S. et al.Indoor AQDownload1325
(2006) Impact of banning of two-stroke engines on airborne particulate matter concentrations in Dhaka, BangladeshBegum, B.A. et al.Traffic EmissionsDownload1076
(2006) Air Quality Management Project, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Final report.Sivertsen, B. et al.AQ ManagementDownload735
(2006) Air Quality Management Project, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Final report, Mission 1. 16 - 27 January 2006.Sivertsen, B. et al.AQ ManagementDownload732
(2006) Air Quality Management (AQM) Seminar, and proposed plan for the development of an AQM strategy for Bangladesh.Sivertsen, B. et al.AQ ManagementDownload694
(2005) Persistent, Widespread, and Strongly Absorbing Haze Over the Himalayan Foothills and the Indo-Gangetic PlainsRamanathan, V. et al.Regional hazeDownload936
(2005) Investigation of sources of atmospheric aerosol at a hot spot area in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Begum, B.A. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1026
(2005) Health and Economic Assessment of Air Pollution in Dhaka, BangladeshAktar, M. et al.Health EffectsDownload941
(2005) Elemental characterization of aerosols in urban and rural locations in BangladeshBoman, J. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1322
(2005) Bangladesh State of the EnvironmentUNEPAir QualityDownload1026
(2004) Investigation of sources of atmospheric aerosol at urban and semi-urban areas in BangladeshBegum, B.A. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1536
(2003) Impact of Unleaded Gasoline Introduction on the Concentration of Lead in the Air of Dhaka, BangladeshBiswas, S.K. et al.Traffic EmissionsDownload1347
(2003) Aerosol chemical characteristics of a mega-city in Southeast Asia (Dhaka–Bangladesh)Salam, A. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1382
(2002) Solid Phase Microextraction: Measurement Of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) In Dhaka City Air PollutionHussam, A. et al.EmissionsDownload1009
(2002) Characterization of air pollution at urban sites at Dhaka and Rajshahi in BangladeshBiswas, S.K. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1069
(2001) Investigation of sources of atmospheric particulate matter (APM) at an urban area in BangladeshBiswas, S.K. et al.Source ApportionmentDownload1126
(2000) Chemical Speciiation of Particulate Matter Pollution in Urban Dhaka CityIslam, M.Source ApportionmentDownload1000
(1999) Traffic pollution inventories and modeling in metropolitan Dhaka, BangladeshKarim, M.Traffic EmissionsDownload1388
(1998) Study on the Air Pollution Control System for Dhaka, BangladeshKitada, T. et al.AQ ManagementDownload942
(1998) Characteristics of the air pollution in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh in winter Azad, A.K. et al.EmissionsDownload1318
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