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Review of records available from institutions and organisations in Dhaka together with literature review will provide basic data on distribution and rates of potential air pollution related morbidity/mortality. Basic population data will also be compiled (numbers, where).

The emission inventories collected under Work Segment 1 will be examined to identify the source sectors for pollutants, considering types of pollutant, timing, nature of emission, etc.

Results from the observations and modelling, both for pollutants and for meteorology, will be compiled to indicate scales of pollution experienced across the city. The need for ad-hoc monitoring surveys. e.g. around specific sources, inside homes, etc. will be considered and effected as necessary.
Assessments and Scenarios Minimize
The results from this task will be combined/synthesized to provide a first estimate of the impact of air pollution upon health in Dhaka. This task will examine the connection between emission inventories, pollutant fields, and health impact.

The results of the construction of pollution fields will be used to construct hypothetical scenarios of emission reduction, and the revised hypothetical emission figures will be used in dispersion modelling to produce estimates of enhanced population exposure to air pollution under the hypothetical emission scenarios.
Training Minimize
Training in the assessment of health impact with reference to environmental data. Examination of health impact data, of methods for assessment, of data sources ad limitations.
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