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A complete tailored installation of AirQUIS will be conducted covering specification of server and client computer hardware and operating systems, installation of the Oracle database, testing and verification in the local network.
Training Minimize
Training in the use of AirQUIS to enable local users to install, operate and upgrade AirQUIS and Oracle will be a two stage process. Initially, there will be a two-week training course at NILU. This would be supported in stage two by on-the-job training and project work, during which time the data base of the needed input data for AQM analysis for Dhaka will be established (based upon prior collection of the data by the BD side), and experience would be built in air quality interpretation and impact assessment. During the process, modelling and data interpretation skills will be developed.

The elements of the training course would include understanding the role of air dispersion modelling within a total Air Quality Management System, data retrieval and QA/QC, application of emission inventories, running air dispersion models, use of models in planning and abatement strategies, and data handling/reporting/dissemination. On-the-job training in Bangladesh will revisit data retrieval and QA/QC in practice, and data handling for the actual situation encountered. Further experience will be gained through on-the-job use of AirQUIS as part of the research initiative in Work Segment 4.
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