2: Monitoring    June 24, 2021  English (United States) Español (España)
Methods and Data Minimize
Standard operating procedures (SOP's) and quality control (QC) measures will be devised for all measurement and laboratory actions. On-the-job training will be given in their implementation to back up the training programme for this task.

A central data acquisition and information dissemination system will be established for coordinated collation of data from the measurement network. These data will then be disseminated to the public and stakeholders through a data dissemination system using state-of-the-art methods. This will comprise both hardware and software installation and training in database and related management.

The specifications for a national Bangadesh Reference Laboratory for air monitoring and analysis will be also be developed for this task.
Training Minimize
Training courses will be held to expand on the following topics: monitoring, instruments, meteorological measurements, sampling and analysis techniques, instrument maintenance, air quality laboratory procedures and quality assurance/ quality control. Attention will also be given to monitoring network design to improve the placing of an enhanced AQ monitoring network for Bangladesh.

Additional training courses will be held on the assessment and the reporting of the air quality and associated data obtained through implementation of this task. This will explore communication with original data sources, and formal bodies upto and beyond formal reporting for official purposes.
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